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Timeless Motivational Coaching

Our Timeless program helps students never make the same mistakes. Following an analysis of you, as a student, and your experience, the next step is to identify who you are not in order to understand who you truly are and work with you to: Set your Inverse Direction - Identify who you are not and examine your reasoning for expecting better of yourself - Create a newly personified vision of who you will become - Develop effective habits for improving behavior - Craft a roadmap for your newfound direction Customize Motivation for your journey - Understand your needs, experiences, and perspective - Optimize the effectiveness of your motivation by customizing it just for you Implementation and Execution Plan - Design a thorough plan to ensure you reach your goal - Strategize and prepare a contingency plan to ensure balance Evaluate and Reward your progress - Coordinate milestones of accomplishments - Incentivize your personal and professional development with rewards This process results in: - Increased positive behavior - Better attitude towards your imperfections - More proactive strategies - Greater transformation results - Your success Primary Client Focus: You. - Imperfect students. - Young people transitioning into new stages of life. Sign up now.

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Located on the top floor. Suite 3400. 750 B Street, San Diego, CA 92101, USA