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Elijah Caldwell is a Creative Artist, award-winning Keynote Speaker, published author of Close Your Eyes & Look, Founder & CEO of the Timeless Brand, Certified Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, and multilingual entrepreneur, whose curiosity for culture and language led him to help people conquer doubt to become a masterpiece. With a growing impact, Elijah Caldwell possesses an alluring personality and unique gift for not only seeing, but illuminating the very best in people. His journey of self-discovery and perseverance continues to inspire the lives of everyone he encounters. 

Born as a fraternal twin in Stockton, CA to teenage parents, and raised in San Jose, CA by his then single Dad. Elijah was a curious and intelligent young boy whose imagination was always larger than life. His life took a remarkable turn when he received an invitation to join E.L.P. (Extended Learning Program) and G.A.T.E. (Gifted And Talented Education) in early grade school after being recognized as one of the most intelligent students in school. In that moment, Elijah learned he had special talents that could offer immense value to the world. However, after becoming recognized as someone with so much potential, he grappled with the challenge of living up to the potential others saw in him. Despite this uncertainty, Elijah Caldwell spent his school days seeking new experiences and meeting people from all different walks of life, discovering a love for culture and languages. After grade school, Elijah attended Sacramento State University for 3 years, where he joined Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and soon after dropped out of university to pursue a dream his Dad had always had for him, to play football in the NFL. In pursuit of this dream, Elijah enrolled at Sacramento City College as a full-time student-athlete. For the next year, Elijah would ride his bicycle for one hour each way, to work the graveyard shift as an Operations Manager at UPS to provide for himself, while riding the bench as a 2nd string wide receiver during a completely defeated season (0 wins, 10 losses). It was also during this time that Elijah experienced life as a failing student with a 1.0 GPA. Soon thereafter, Elijah tore his ACL, MCL, and meniscus in his right knee at practice — a major blow as he had already dislocated his left kneecap in high school — and he was never the same as a football athlete. Fortunately for Elijah, life took a positive turn after he then earned a merit scholarship to finish his undergraduate studies at San Jose State University.  Just before graduating with honors from SJSU in 2017 - as a Dean’s List scholar with Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Global Studies, Elijah was granted the privilege of joining the Silicon Valley Capital Club, where he met the first mentor who showed him how to make something of his belief in himself. Soon after learning how his skills aligned with his purpose, Elijah embarked on a 3-year apprenticeship to learn the inner-workings of business entrepreneurship from his mentor, a federal attorney and member of multiple Boards of Directors. He traded the theoretical teachings of graduate school textbooks for the hands-on teachings from some of the most elite professionals in the Silicon Valley — all under the guidance and supervision of one of the most respected businessmen in the global center of innovation. Waking up at 5am, reading countless professional development books, and pitching himself to shrewd businesspeople became his new normal.  Through dedicated study and a tireless commitment to excellence, Elijah Caldwell immersed himself in the modern practices of entrepreneurship and soon put his skills to the test by becoming a full-time, independent residential real estate agent at the #1 top-producing Coldwell Banker office in North America. After 10 sales totaling close to $7 million in volume, Elijah moved his real estate business to La Jolla, California. Upon finishing such an intense period of self-discovery, Elijah Caldwell realized that his life’s calling extended far beyond real estate and himself — he was determined to help others conquer doubt despite any obstacle they were facing, just as he had.  At the end of the day, Elijah knows what it’s like to be going through life paddling through the water feeling like you can barely come up for air. He also knows what it’s like to make decisions that get us out of alignment. That fear makes us play small and he’s been there. At a young age, Elijah saw the path he was heading down and was able to course correct, but he knows there are people who don’t have the same ability. When Elijah recognized how badly doubt cripples others, he wanted to make sure that didn’t happen to him so he discovered how to conquer doubt and source the confidence to feel like a masterpiece. Today he’s doing the same for you as a San Diego resident, happily married to his wife Samantha Caldwell, his high school sweetheart, who has been supporting him since day 1. Book Elijah for your next event today.

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