Timeless Motivation is the Highest of Fly Quality.

We all make mistakes; we're human.

You know how people say you should never make the same mistakes, but no one actually shows you how to do it? Not anymore, that's where we come in. The Timeless app helps people and businesses never make the same mistakes. We even hold your hand every step of the way.


We believe in the beauty of imperfection, it drives everything we do. Every time we learn from the past, we move ourselves forward, so we work to breathe new life into people by lighting a pathway to success; easy to follow, saving precious time.




Marco Giavalisco

Marco Giavalisco is the Project Manager for Timeless Merchandise. He is a rising senior at San Diego State University, majoring in International Business. Marco is passionate about the team, and is excited to help bring Timeless to new levels of success.


Founder and Chief Executive

Elijah Caldwell has crafted an authentic way of providing motivation to the global world through his own creative and gifted style. Elijah positively impacts humankind by creating change in their lives through his innovative and timeless messages. As the Founder & CEO of the Timeless® Brand, Elijah dedicates his time to motivating people reaching for new levels of success. The Timeless® Brand is known for Timeless® Motivation, its signature coaching program that helps people never make the same mistakes.



Founder, CEO of the Timeless® Brand

Elijah speaks 5 languages, with the ability to do business in 3 of them, and negotiate expertly in 2 of them as he works towards obtaining his certification with the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing as a Global Luxury Property Specialist.

Elijah was born in California and raised in the Silicon Valley, earning a merit scholarship to attend SJSU in pursuit of a BA in Global Studies, which he earned with Honors as a Dean’s scholar. As an involved community member, Elijah partnered with the University Club atop Symphony Towers to present ‘Iron Minds: a professional development event he created to deliver value to San Diego’s elite business professionals’ network. 



Ted Obinna Agu blessed this earth with his birth on May 8, 1992. Born in Houston, Texas to parents Emilia and Ambrose Agu, Ted grew to be a charismatic leader who was hilarious, gentle, loving, driven, hardworking, and honest. His love for football eventually earned him a scholarship opportunity to attend the University of California, Berkeley. Once there, Ted’s infectious personality drew more people towards him leaving an indelible mark on their hearts forever. On February 7, 2014, God called Ted to come home. Ted’s memory is now kept alive by his loving family and friends, teammates, and fraternity brothers.

Throughout Ted’s life, he would encounter challenges and obstacles just like any one of us. However, unlike most people Ted would overcome a challenge and write down the lesson he learned from the experience on a notecard. As his notecard collection grew day by day, he would utilize these recorded lessons in an unusually interesting way. In preparation for life’s newest opportunities, Ted would keep himself reminded of the invaluable lessons he had learned throughout his life by reading aloud his collection of recorded messages. By doing this, he ensured he could embrace new opportunities with his best foot forward. And now, we are doing the same for you.